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The Wolf Ticket   a novel by Caro Clarke
"... surprising, daring..."   Lambda Book Report
"...taut, original and powerful..."   Midwest Book Review

Pascale, a translator in the U.S. Women's Army Corps, impulsively rescues a Polish refugee in the closing days of World War II. The refugee is wary as a wolf and, as Pascale instinctively knows, is a woman in disguise beneath her men's clothes. Bound by a troubled spiritual kinship, both make promises they are determined to keep despite the chaos of war.
   Separated, they search for each other across war-torn Europe, hindered, helped, and manipulated by those they encounter: Lucia, an Army nurse devoted to her own pleasure; Nell, a famous war correspondent with a subversive agenda; Sibylle, a French prostitute and former Nazi collaborator; Corinne, a blueblooded WAC officer with her own reasons for bending military rules, until the two are brought together again, only to find themselves facing a final test of courage.

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