Writing Advice The Wolf Ticket  a novel by Caro Clarke

I have written over thirty articles on 'How to Write', over twenty of them for the excellent website NovelAdvice.com, and I offer them here. NovelAdvice was a general-audience site for those wanting to write, and I shaped my advice columns for it accordingly. i.e. my examples are heterosexual and the settings usually American.

If you would like to reproduce one of these columns, please ask my permission. If you don't, you're stealing my copyright, and that's not nice and not legal. Contact me at (and you'll have to construct this email yourself; I am drowning in spam and can't leave a live link here for evil-doers to steal)'cc' and '@' and 'caroclarke.com'. I should mention that I am not currently working as a professional editor nor (have I ever been) a story doctor. Contact me if you would like some recommendations of good sites that offer these services.

UPDATE 2009: I have moved these articles from this website to my other, more general one: www.caroclarke.com/writing.html because I had them on both sites and that meant twice the work.

If you have bookmarked the pages on this site you are on now, you might want to go to the other site and replace them.

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